05 juni 2023

EuroParcs opent onbemande parkshops

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EuroParcs opens unmanned park shops nationwide

Visitors can pay in stores at self-scanning checkout

Lochem, June 5, 2023 - EuroParcs will open a total of ten unmanned park shops at vacation parks across the Netherlands until the end of this year. Visitors can pick up essential daily groceries at the stores and pay for them at a self-scanning checkout. EuroParcs is the first vacation park specialist in the Netherlands to offer the concept on a national scale. EuroParcs is collaborating for the unmanned park shops with Omise, part of the investment company Florisand Investments, which in turn is part of the Sanders Retail Group. The Sanders Retail Groep operates as a real estate developer and is also the largest HEMA franchisee in the Netherlands. EuroParcs CEO Wouter Vos and Floris Sanders, managing director of the Sanders Retail Group, recently signed a cooperation agreement at EuroParcs De Achterhoek.

EuroParcs started a pilot with unmanned park shops at two parks in 2022: EuroParcs Ruinen and EuroParcs Achterhoek. The convenience stores provide the main necessities for guests at a vacation park and are at least 35 square meters in size. The two unmanned park shops caught on so well that EuroParcs decided to roll out the concept further.

Extra convenience

"The stores are tailor-made for EuroParcs," says Ellen Verburg, commercial concept manager at EuroParcs. "At parks without catering facilities, we open a store where guests can get their everyday groceries quickly and easily. Parks that do have catering facilities will have a variant where the offer is similar to the range that you increasingly see at gas stations. That consists here mainly of breakfast products such as fresh sandwiches, small meals, snacks, drinks assortment, cold and hot drinks and non-food."

Wouter Vos sees many advantages to working with unmanned park shops. "This concept is a great example of how technology can help provide our guests with even better service. The stores provide additional convenience and it's a nice bonus that no staff is needed to staff the shops."

Offering swimming attributes

The unmanned park shop has a location next to the reception, so that someone is always available for questions during reception opening hours. Omise, using data and other means, takes care of stocking the stores and bringing them to the attention of guests. The park shops are equipped with technology in the form of narrowcasting and electronic shelf labels. "The offer in EuroParcs' parks is ninety percent the same everywhere. The remaining ten percent is filled with mainly local goods and products. Or we offer swimming attributes, for example, if there is a swimming pool or lake at the park," says Floris Sanders.

If it is up to Verburg, more parks will open unmanned park shops in the future. "We are always looking for solutions to serve our guests better. The unmanned stores are an ideal solution because the park staff is relieved and we offer guests extra service. The concept with a compact offer of mainly food and drinks lends itself perfectly to the slightly smaller parks, without extensive catering or existing supermarket. The unmanned park shops can grow into a place where visitors can get a good cup of coffee or put their panini under the grill in addition to groceries."

Renting supboard via app

In the future, Verburg expects to offer more frequent concepts that require little or no staff to offer guests the best service. "At some parks, guests can already rent a supboard via an app and a code that can be used to open a locker containing the sup. In terms of fun and entertainment, there are also several activities that only require an app."

Verburg continues: "These concepts offer many opportunities. At the same time, we think it is important that our guests keep a connection with the staff and feel that there is always someone around to answer questions and help when needed."

About EuroParcs

EuroParcs Group is a Dutch company headquartered in Apeldoorn. The company focuses on developing vacation parks, selling vacation homes to individuals and business investors and renting them out throughout the year. EuroParcs offers a range of vacation parks in popular locations in several European countries. The company aims to offer original, innovative vacation parks and concepts for all target groups and is working to achieve international ambitions. Some 65 parks in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria are now part of the EuroParcs Group.

About Omise

Omise is an unmanned 24/7 retail formula in busy hotel, office and leisure locations. The concept is completely staffless. Omise operates the stores, taking care of purchasing, category management, distribution, logistics and store care. It uses a platform with check-out, narrowcasting and electronic shelf labels. The smart, data-driven stores provide user activation, experience and increased sales.